There has been widespread coverage of fraud in market research recently. The leading German news magazine Der Spiegel highlighted unethical practises in their detailed analysis of over 600 market research studies

The largest research study (n=2637) of MR professionals continues to reveal market researchers believe confidence in sample quality is at an all-time low; equally, they are pessimistic about the future of sample quality and believe the problem is getting worse.

The most comprehensive report on the views of market research professionals (n=2637) shows concern over sample quality from clients.

Not news we wanted to hear but the truth is many of us in the industry have been concerned about data quality for a long time. Let’s see this as an opportunity to improve and openly address all the fundamental issues which are casting doubt on the work we love to do.

So pleased to be launching Assure BrandPanels - an innovative solution which uses AI and Machine Learning to eliminate fake data from market research samples. This is a solution to a long standing problem aimed at giving peace of mind to all market researchers.


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