About Assure BrandPanels

Assure BrandPanels is a custom-assembled panel comprised of a client's target physicians, used for generating sample frames for market research recruitment. Utilising the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Assure BrandPanels eliminates fake respondents, fake credentials and fake answers from market research samples, ensuring all respondents are verified, vetted and valued.

Senior Management

Asif Javed is C.E.O. of Assure BrandPanels and has 20+ years of expertise in the pharmaceutical market research industry. He previously held senior roles at Eli Lilly and Adelphi Group. Asif has worked for the P\S\L Group for 10 years in senior positions including COO of P\S\L Group Europe and Group President of Medefield. He is a physicist by training and earned an MBA from Manchester Business School.

Carolyn Chamberlain is the Business Unit Head for Assure BrandPanels and has 20+ years of experience in pharmaceutical market research. Her career began at AstraZeneca where she led insights teams within CV and Oncology for more than a decade. Her contributions helped drive the growth of blockbusters such as Crestor. Most recently, she held senior commercial positions with IPSOS, Millward Brown and the Adelphi Group, whilst also being a key contributor to EphMRA and the BHBIA.